Our co-founders, Lauren Ward and Amy Riddle, met nearly 13 years ago when Amy was working as a graphic designer and Lauren directed communications for a global hospitality company. They later began to work together as client and vendor, and found they both shared a passion for pristine communications and gorgeous design

The coincidences don’t stop with their worker bee-driven work ethics. Their oldest sons were born one day apart, their husbands share the same name, they are now moms to two boys each, and they both delight in bringing simplicity and order into the world. (Which makes sense, because their homes could go all Lord of the Flies if left to the devices of the men in their lives.) Lauren’s passion is in developing strategies and delivering communications that resonate and get results, while Amy’s is all about creating an aesthetic that brings brands to life with continuity and a fresh, modern approach. No matter the chosen medium – online, print, social, packaging, you name it – Buzz delivers messages that get noticed and get to the point.

Why Buzz? Because bees are loyal, diligent workers. As they move from flower to flower to gather nectar, their legs pass along pollen to each plant, which is vital to the growth of our ecosystem. And that’s just what we do for our clients. We help brands flourish through clean and beautiful messaging spread to employees and customers alike.

We go to work for our clients as an extension of their teams. And we’d be honored to create some buzz for you.

Lauren Wared

Lauren Ward

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

A strategic communications and brand-building expert delivering thoughtful campaigns and vibrant messaging to enhance customer awareness, brand culture, and employee engagement for our clients. Lauren’s skill in the art of storytelling and passion for clear, memorable communications (often with a dash of fun or humor) brings value to clients including BBVA, Buffalo Wild Wings, ProAssurance, Hilton, and many more.

Amy Riddle

Co-founder & Chief Creative Officer

 An art director and graphic designer bringing experience and a fresh perspective to every project. Skilled in the art of clear visual organization, her background ranges from brand identity, packaging & in-store displays, sales incentives & internal engagement, digital & print, and more. Her background of work has included clients such as American Airlines, Sprint, Daltile, Marazzi, American Olean, Overhead Door, Genie, and more.

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